Somewhere on this site, I’ll provide a link to a resume of my educational background.  But this page is here to reference my current educational endeavors and programs currently in progress.

California State University San Bernardino – Palm Desert:

I just recently completed the Teacher Credential Program in Designated Subjects at the local state university here in Palm Desert.  We’re very fortunate to have Cal State here.  It was a great program designed to prepare professionals in careers other than education to qualify for California requirements to receive a Basic Teaching Credential in a field related to their experience.  I was surprised to see the level of participants and other students.

You can find more about my work in the program at a web site I developed during the second quarter.

See:  You’ll find a collection of links, notes and assignments.

In addition, I’m enrolled for Fall of 2012 in the Masters of Arts graduate degree program in Career and Technical Education.  As I’m writing this in the summer of 2012, I’m looking forward to the beginning of classes in late September.

Many of you know that I attended the University of Houston in the late 1960’s receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science with a minor in Mathematics.  The minor was given for a combination of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, as computer science was fully contained within the math department there.  I did work study for most of those college years in U of H’s Computer Center.

I’ve recently begun work on a new web site that is not fully launched called  I anticipate populating the site with distance learning educational programs in targeted areas.   Let me know if there is an area of interest you would like to prepare and deliver coursework for.

After my days at the University of Houston, I became a musician and music teacher in Denver and Boulder, Colorado.   You will find a portion of this site devoted to music.  It includes recent songs as well as lessons on guitar, music theory and composition.   You can find it on the Music link on the menu or just click here.  I’ll be adding content soon.

During the time I was teaching along the Front Range, I had become involved in Environmental Action and a spin off group called the Alternative Technology Information Project.  We did research on various aspect of alternative energy.   I started a marketing company to sell alternative energy promotional products including T-Shirts and the SunLiter(tm) Solar Lighter.  We got worldwide coverage with both.  I eventually sold the T-shirt rights to Environmental Action.  I liked marketing and sales, so I tended to be attracted to work in the field to finance my goal of becoming a better musician, and possibly being a music producer.  I guess I liked sales and marketing too much.

But in 1980, I went to Los Angeles to begin studying at the Dick Grove Music Workshop.  I needed a few classes to get ready for CAP, the Composer and Arranger’s Program.  CAP was a one year, high intensity, total immersion, program learning how to compose and arrange for the entertainment industry.  Dick was the best teacher I ever knew.  He had a grasp of his subject and pedagogy significantly beyond any educator I had come across before.