Lost Perspective

Read the title.  That’s the story.

We’re living in a country founded under a document the result of a war for independence from King George III of England.  We were a colony providing a place where religious heretics, economic, social and political refugees to come for a stake at a better life… if you were white.  If you were black, brown, green, yellow, blue or whatever, your story is a little different.

As a colony, we provided England with goods and money.  The colonial government was English but evolved to include local participation.  If you study history, you know the peoples names.  If you don’t, go get a real book on American History and quit trusting others in today’s media to tell you what is going on.  They all have an agenda.  Guess what, you’re their feed bag.  So if you’re buying…they’re selling.

Because this is number one, I’m not going to take you through the whole story now.  But let’s just to agree on a couple of facts.  We are a country founded under the Articles of Confederation and later the US Constitution and amendments to the Constitution.   We have three branches of government, the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial.

Now get it through your head that these branches were created by “We the People” and are our exceptional, democratically inspired government in the form of a Republic.  You have the Republic.  You have States.  Both are governed by us.  If you don’t like what you see, you better look in the mirror FIRST.  It’s your country now.  You better behave or you will lose it.

My take is that somewhere along the line, we lost perspective on who we are, why we’re here and where we’re headed together.  I’m just going to straighten you out a notch or two.

First: We’re in this together.

If you don’t like your neighbors or the next neighborhood over, the next county, or state, tough luck.  They’re your neighbors.  You better start acting like it.  The last 100 years or so, there have been tremendous interests trying to get you to hate your neighbors.  Quit doing it damnit!

If you want to get picky and start the whole illegal immigration argument, this is not the time, though it may be the place some time soon.  We’re trying to pull the country together after a series of relatively recent exceptional mistakes and problems.  We can take our shots at the people who caused this later.  But, I’m not criticizing them without at least telling a bit of the story.  Because that is what you are missing.  The why!

Why are our current leaders doing what they are doing now?  Got a good idea?  You’re probably dead wrong about half of it.  And the other half is spoon fed to you by people making a living to get you on their side of line and put everyone else on the other, put a fence in the middle and have you spitting, cussing and about to be shooting at each other.  So get a grip.

And by the way, while you’re getting a grip, I have two simple suggestions for you to make things easier for yourself and everyone else.

1) Walk to the Right: I’m not talking about politically you idiots.  I’m saying, walk on the right side of the sidewalk.  If you walk on the right and the folks going the opposite direction are walking on the right, no one is going to bump into my umbrella point if I ever make it back to 5th Avenue.  You people are total fools.  There are people walking wherever they please.  They do not give a rat’s behind about where anyone else is going, they are not paying attention and just as soon knee you in the groin to get where they are going first.

Got your attention yet?

It’s simple, walk on the right.  Tell your kids to walk on the right.  Ask your schools to teach kids to walk on the right.  Be a little orderly as you make your way through the USA.  At least you won’t be cussing at someone for cutting in front of you, or hitting your with their grocery cart.  Ernest Borgnine cut in front of me and hit me with his damned cart while I was grabbing an apple from the Ralph’s next to the music school I went to in the late 70’s.  The bastard hit me with his cart, because he was a famous egotistical TV personality and movie star and I was just some punk in between him, his cart and some cabbage he wanted.  I never forgot that and hopefully Situational Turrets Syndrome and Alzheimer’s won’t catch me until I’m long gone so I’ll be able to remember just what kind of assholes greedy, avaricious people with a sense of personal entitlement really are.

Second: Drive in Right Lane, except when passing.

When I was a kid, we were on a road trip from Dallas to the East Coast to visit my much beloved family in Scarsdale.  I remember being on the four lane road somewhere in western Pennsylvania, mom driving in the left lane and hearing something pretty loud behind the car.  Yep, it was the heat and she got a ticket for driving slow in the left lane.

You Dumbasses out there:  (that’s all of you): The left lane is for passing. The right lane is for taking your time.  If you’re taking your time in the left lane, you’re one of two things:

You’re either an Idiot or a Pinhead (IOP’s). We’ll talk about these Idiots and Pinheads soon.  They are everywhere.  Why can’t people drive where they are supposed to?  These slow drivers in the left lane are out there KILLING people.  I mean it.  They’re just la…de…da’n along, poking around, blocking the fast lane.  Where are the police?  Give these idiots a ticket, damnit.  Either get them to learn how to drive on these collective highways we have out there, get them off the road or make them pay through the nose for blocking reality out…those other folks, the Fast Moving Critters (FMC), trying to get to their head of cabbage before I get to my apple, racing down the road.  Let’s keep those bastards in the left lane….Please.

See, what happens when you drive slow in the left lane is that the jumpy, fast moving critters (FMC’s) still are jumpy and fast moving.  So if you’re slow in the fast lane, you’re really the primary cause of the accident the FMC’s get into because they just want to go a little (or a lot) faster and are looking for every space to do it.  I’m one of the FMC’s and not one of IOP’s.  I just don’t move as fast as I used to.

Back in the…USA

Hey people.  If you follow me, I’m gonna put this whole thing in perspective for you because you lost your way.  You started walking on the wrong side of the road, going slow in the fast lane and fast in the slow lane.  What the hell did you think was going to happen?  Everything was going to be just fine and it could always be the other guy’s fault and never your own for the fix we’re in.

While you’re blaming them, you’re so full of crap, you don’t have a clue that what you’re doing, who you’re watching, what you’re listening to is having a very strong destructive effect on the body politic.

Ladies out there, when I use the word “guys” it normally means guys AND gals.  It’s the nondenominational use of the word.  So you politically correct pinheads, quit trying to act like I don’t respect women.  We need our language back.  And I’m staking a claim on bringing back some simple understanding to this complex world.

See you next time.


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  1. Saxe,

    Here are the answers to your questions. Yes, No, Yes. I read it, did not like it, and it is fucked up. How much did you smoke/drink before you wrote that? Were your hemmoroids acting up or what?

    I can see a lot of frustration behind this rant, and maybe a little humor, but for a self-procalimed pragmatist such as yourself, this did not get much done in the way of explaining what is wrong with the nation’s psyche and what to do about it.

    In fact, when I go to town to observe the tea party at the post office in MIssoula today, I expect to hear and see a lot more of this kind of rhetoric and reasoning. If I photograph something that will resonate with you I will be sure to send you a copy.

    You obviously have too much time on your hands. I hear gardening can relieve stress and put you in shape, plus you might be able to make a couple of bucks as well.

    PS. Be sure to keep taking your heart medicine or if you aren’t there already, a couple of deep breaths would do as well.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment.

    What’s a Polatuche? Heck, I was just doing my best impersonation of an ancient cougar watcher writing this stuff. Yes, the asthma meds are in full effect. But, LP, the story is longer than one rant. You don’t make a bedspread out of one thread in one day.

    And wait a minute. Read what you wrote. You don’t think that people being generally selfish, avaricious, greedy, egotistical idiots and pinheads is the primary cause of the where we are? Isn’t that at the heart of your philosophy? I always thought it was.

    You’ll find in upcoming commentaries that the people who are lost are the ones trying to split everything up. You know who they are and why they are doing it. Money and Power. So follow along and you’ll see my educated trail of where and how they got twisted. It’s not as simple as saying this or that. Like most of my stuff, there’s a little story in the midst of the madness.

    The overall message is that we are the government, we are the society and there is no separation between the rights of anyone, except as we’ve discussed …corporations. This is the government you would build if you started from scratch and knew what you were doing. I don’t particularly like the idea that a handful of senators from a handful of states can prevent progress. Progress is needed. And I certainly don’t like anyone poisoning the well.

    I hope the Tea is good. Orly what’s her face is coming to our town. Somebody has to be there with a bullhorn to shout her down and rile everyone up. But, it’s not me. Gotta go the post office and the bank and finish up this year’s voluntary extortion…and there’s good news thanks to Obama’s Stimulus. You might want to ask some of the people there how they liked those extra deductions and credits they got this year.

    But you’re only going to get it one little bit at a time. I think the stories will illustrate it. I’ll do my best to try to make it come out like Will Rogers with a dose of Woody Guthrie and de Tocqueville. That’s where I’m going, even even if I can’t spin a lasso.


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